The Umatilla County Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, documenting, interpreting and preserving this vast and varied past. However, saving memories is of little value unless they are shared. The Museum not only provides a showcase for photographs and related artifacts, but also protects precious records and research materials. History is not only the past, but also rests in the present. The story goes on and continues to be told.

The Umatilla County Historical Society Museum is located in what was once Pendleton's railway depot. Erected in 1909, the historic building with its classic architectural details and antique fixtures was refurbished by the Society and opened as a museum in the Fall of 1988.

In the spacious high-ceiling exhibit area visitors can view artifacts commemorating the Oregon Trail which passed through the county; a collection of beautiful, intricate Indian beadwork; displays devoted to the development of local agriculture and the well-known Pendleton Woolen Mills; an authentic 10-foot long marble shoeshine stand; an original railroad telegraph system; and new exhibits introduced throughout the year.

Visitors can also experience a one-room setting in the restored and fully furnished Byrd School sited on the grounds.